VMI Football Players Call Out Racist Costumes on Campus

Several football players and cadets from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) are facing backlash from their classmates for publically expressing disappointment when a racist costume won a Halloween contest held on campus.

The costume the players expressed concern over included several students dressed up to portray the “Trump Wall” while others were dressed up as “Cholos.” The wall itself contained the words “No Cholos” written on the side. In a video published on twitter, several students are overheard yelling “No Cholos” while others are laughing in amusement.

A VMI football player, who also happens to my brother, publicly expressed his disappointment in the costumes on Twitter.



My brother’s post sparked some pretty strong and even threatening reactions from classmates and even parents. Many expressed their desire to have him and other football players disciplined for publicly addressing the issue and “embarrassing the school.” Others went as far to say that they would boycott football games and that the football program should come to an end. Unsurprisingly, the football players that spoke out are the ones that make up the very small minority of black kids on campus. 

Many of the student comments and reactions to the post came anonymously from a social media platform called Jodel, while the parents took to the comments section of several Facebook status’ to air out their true feelings. Now I know what you all are thinking, “Nyajuok, you never read the comments section… but yall, this concerned my baby brother; I was definitely going to read the comments section.” As to be expected, I left the comments section wanting to pull up and/or send some strongly worded direct messages to folks racist parents but I had to sit back and look at the big picture of the situation. Auntie Michelle did say, when they go low, we go high. 

Many of the comments expressed the sentiments of this one from an anonymous user that says, “So can we turn our backs to the football team on the game on the 11th? And Start examining their records a little closer? ** cough HC stuff**.”

Another student says, “Honestly why do we even have a football team? They recruit literally THE WORST rats, act super entitled and like they own the place, and then do nothing but embarrass us on the field. There are exceptions, but for the most part what a waste.”

**A point of clarification, as a part of the schools approach to discipline and throughout its history, all of the first year students on VMI’s campus are referred to as rats, even before they integrated or let women attend. That threw me off too.

One other anonymous user was even less articulate in expressing his feelings and simply stated, “Deng is a faggot” on the anonymous platform.

Below are screenshots of the actual anonymous statements.

One might think “Wow kids today are really this intolerant? I thought we were coming so far with race relations.” Well, that might be the case but when you see the very public facebook comments by many of the parents and alumni of the university, you will very clearly understand why none of the students of color on VMI’s campus were surprised by the conduct and the subsequent reaction to the controversy. Many of these comments from the “adults” were even more hateful and disgusting than those of the students who were hiding behind the wall of an anonymous platform. One VMI mother by the name of Julie Foster went so far as to compare my baby brother and his teammates to animals stating, “The three agitators of all this mess are all football players….this needs to be dealt with swiftly and powerfully. The animals don’t get to run the zoo.

Now I’ve got some choice words for Ms. Foster but I will keep those private. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one who shared this mindset. Many other parents and alumni called for the football players to be disciplined rather than the students who wore the racist costume.


This latest incident involving the racial climate and athletes just goes to show how this country views black athletes in particular.  Collegiate and pro athletes in this country are viewed as nothing more than mere entertainment by the majority. Once an athlete expresses or even hints at the notion that they are a living and breathing human with thoughts, ideas, emotions and opinions, they are immediately told to shut up and stay in their place. This is made very obvious by the fact that Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed and the fact that my brother and his teammates are reduced to “animals” by the parents of some of their “brothers” and fellow corp members.

The only thing more disappointing than the reaction by students and parents is the official response by the university. On November 2nd, the university published a short response to the matter on its Facebook page.

“During the Halloween festivities this past week, a costume portraying “Trump’s Wall” with an inscribed derogatory term was in poor taste and demonstrated a lack of appreciation that it was offensive. This matter raises the issue of civility in both the initial presentation of the costume and in the reaction and counter reaction it has engendered. This lack of civility is inappropriate and does not represent the values of the Institute. As members of the VMI community, we should and will hold ourselves to a higher standard. The VMI leadership does not tolerate this type of behavior and is addressing the matter with the Corps of Cadets.”

The official response by VMI was one paragraph in length and after reading it a few times I came to the conclusion that it said nothing to address the actual issue at hand. It’s obvious that the higher-ups knew they had to respond to the matter but they clearly didn’t want to use language that would upset the donor base by being “politically correct.” The post by the university seems to express some of the same tones as Trump’s response to Charlottesville when he said people were wrong on “both sides” of the issue.